Dining Done Right in Cleveland: The Best Eateries

Cleveland has an amazing variety of cuisines and one can go on a trip around the world by just visiting a few of our amazing eateries. Traditional Cleveland food is at its best at Sokowskis University in where you can sample homemade perogies and chicken paprikash. If you are a foodie then be sure to stop at Lola Bistro, the restaurant of Michael Simon. Here you will be amazed by the innovative menu that does a great job at using local grown and produced items. Another great eatery is Touch Supper Club located in historical Ohio City. Touch has an intimate lounge vibe with amazing takes on comfort foods such as grilled cheese sandwiches. No gastronomical tour of Cleveland would be complete without a trip to Panini-s for an amazing sandwich stacked high with corned beef, coleslaw and topping it off with a fried egg. If you are in the mood for something a bit more exotic then travel to the Euclid corridor and have a bowl of Raman at Noodle Cat. Noodle cat supplies us with traditional Japanese soups done in novel new ways. Regardless of what you have a taste for you will find it here in Cleveland.

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